IMT Group: A Climate-Neutral Company

A climate-neutral company takes care not only to keep its ecological footprint small but to completely offset it. We achieve that by supporting international climate protection projects and by asking the right questions: How do we integrate ecological and economic sustainability into our everyday life?

Sustainability and responsible use of finite resources are part of our corporate DNA. As a sustainable company we give full consideration to ESG criteria, our fellow humans and the environment.

ESG-policy of the IMT Group (PDF)


We are “partners in climate protection” and proud of our ClimatePartner Certificate, which confirms that we operate as a climate-neutral company. Because we are convinced that we can go even further, we are planning to reduce our emissions to a minimum.

“This award confirms our commitment to sustainability management in a transparent and credible manner. We have recorded our greenhouse gas emissions, are continuously reducing them and have offset the unavoidable emissions through climate protection projects. However, this is only a first step and we will examine and implement further measures to reduce our emissions. Our goal is to reduce our emissions to the unavoidable minimum.”
Erek Nuener, IMT Group President and Partner

ClimatePartner certificate IMT-group
climate neutral company

Comprehend climate-neutrality and supported project:
ClimatePartner ID 16980-2108.1001

Supported project:
Forest protection Pará Brazil

About ClimatePartner:

IMT Sustainability Management

1. Calculation of emissions
The starting point for our climate protection strategy is our corporate carbon footprint (CCF), which ClimatePartner has calculated for us. All relevant emission sources in our everyday activities were taken into account, from office heating to the energy consumed by business trips.

2. Reducing and avoiding emissions
Our CO2 footprint shows us where we can reduce our CO2 emissions. We are already obtaining our electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. Our rules, objectives and the measures for implementing our sustainability management are set out in our ESG-policy.

3. Offsetting emissions
Over the past financial year we have given our support to protection of the Brazilian rainforest, and in doing so we have offset our calculated CCF. We manage a foundation which works with the WWF to protect an area of rainforest — as large as Switzerland — as a nature conservation zone. We ourselves have visited the area to gain an on-the-spot impression of the project.

Dr. Alois Flatz unabhängiger Verwaltungsrat
“The future of climate-neutral companies lies in their commitment to ecological and economic sustainability. “

Dr. Alois Flatz
Member of the Board of Directors of IMT


Our journey into the brazilian Amazon reserve